2023 NFL Predictions: Every Divisional Winner for the 2023 Season

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Every season 32 teams fight to finish at the top of their division to reach the postseason and possibly the Super Bowl, the NFL’s grandest stage. Only eight teams are so fortunate to finish first in their respective divisions and receive their “T-Shirt and Hat” (divisional championship gear).

In 2022 we completed the same predictions and were successful in picking five of the eight divisional winners.

Let’s review the eight teams that we believe are going to take their respective thrones in their divisions in 2023.

2023 NFL predictions: Who is winning each division in 2023?

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GLENDALE, AZ – FEBRUARY 12: Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates after Super Bowl LVII against the Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Stadium on February 12, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona. The Chiefs defeated the Eagles 38-35. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

AFC West winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Despite picking the Kansas City Chiefs as one of the teams with the worst wide receiver groups in 2023 they still finish as the favorite to win the AFC West. As long as Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, and Travis Kelce are on the field it is hard to bet against the Chiefs.

It doesn’t hurt that they are coming off a thrilling Super Bowl win, their second in four seasons, and finished the 2022 season with the best win-loss record in the AFC at 14-3. Within the AFC West, the Chiefs came out on top with only three regular season losses. The second team behind the Chiefs in the West was the Los Angeles Chargers who finished the season with a 10-7 record. It’s worth noting that the Chiefs did not lose a single game to an AFC West opponent but swept all three of their divisional rivals.

The Raiders (6-11) and Broncos (5-12) were not even close to competing for the AFC West title and they won’t be in 2023 either. The Chargers have a chance but as we all know, the Chargers are “gonna Charger” at some point and lose a crucial game they should have won. The Chiefs are going to take the #1 spot again in 2023 and will cruise into the postseason per usual.

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