Ranking the 5 best NFL uniform changes for the 2023 season

The 2023 NFL season is going to be remembered for having one of the best aesthetics in pro football history. Teams around the league have been making major uniform modifications for the 2023 season, including bringing back some throwback uniforms that had previously been in the archives because of the NFL’s rules against teams wearing multiple helmets throughout the season. Teams have had to work within the confines of those helmet rules to whip up alternate uniform ideas, which has significantly cramped the style of the league, quite literally.

Although not every NFL team is getting a uniform change for 2023, many are bringing back throwbacks and many are getting new alternates, in general. Let’s take a look at the top 5 NFL uniform changes for 2023 so far.

Top 5 NFL uniform changes for the 2023 season

5. Minnesota Vikings throwbacks

The Minnesota Vikings are bringing out some serious fire with their throwback uniforms in 2023. The team debuted a glorious look with a matte helmet that includes a gray facemask, and the gray touch on these uniforms is what really sets it off compared to the regular uniforms the Vikings wear.

The Vikings actually would have a number of throwbacks they could wear that would look better on a weekly basis than their current uniforms. Although not every modern design being put out by Nike is bad, there are right and wrong ways to do color combinations like this. This look from the 60s and 70s for the Vikings is just elite all-around, from the striping on the jersey sleeves to the matte helmets with gray facemasks.

4. Cleveland Browns white helmet look

The Cleveland Browns don’t always nail it with their uniforms, but this white helmet on top of the white throwback uniform look is really good-looking.

The Browns have a tough task on a weekly basis to look “cool” with orange and brown as the team’s primary colors, but they have some of the most timeless uniforms in the league. This white helmet look for them is super clean, and I love the chrome brown facemask that goes with it. I think other players will style the look even better than Njoku does here with the white undershirt. Adding some orange or brown sleeves and an orange or brown undershirt would really split this look perfectly.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers are bringing back the creamsicle uniforms

Everyone was highly anticipating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers bringing back the creamsicle look in 2023, and they are finally doing it.

Is this uniform one of those “so ugly it’s cool” looks? Is it just beloved because of the era of NFL football it comes from? I’m not sure why this works so well. Maybe because it’s just loud. Maybe like a fine wine, it’s aged better over time. Whatever it is, these uniforms look so good contrasted with the very muted Bucs uniforms and helmets they wear regularly.

2. Seattle Seahawks kicking it back to the 90s

It’s hard to put this one at no. 2 overall because I think there’s a strong case for it to be the best uniform news of the last 10 years. The Seattle Seahawks’ current uniforms are one of the worst in the NFL, in my opinion. They were one of the first uniforms to get rebranded by Nike when Nike took over as the primary outfitter of the NFL, and I can’t stand them.

With that being said, the Seahawks throwing it back to the 90s with these uniforms will give them arguably the most enviable throwback in the league.

With the top teams on this list, you have such a stark contrast between what they wear now and what they used to wear. The Seahawks, Buccaneers, and Titans incorporate color into their uniforms, some loud colors at times, but they don’t pop on a weekly basis like these uniforms do. There’s something about the vibrant colors from yesteryear that just hit different.

1. Tennessee Titans with an homage to the Houston Oilers

There’s nothing better than this. Nothing is topping it.


The Houston Oilers uniform is one of the great uniforms in the history of the NFL. Of course, the Tennessee Titans were previously known as the Houston Oilers and Tennessee Oilers, making their move to Tennessee in 1997 before changing their name to the Titans in 1999.

These uniforms are as good as it gets. The white helmet with the red facemask is incredible, and the baby blue with the red and white just hits perfectly. This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing uniforms in the NFL today with balance, perfect color combinations, and obviously a touch of nostalgia.